about us

Truly authentic, naked leadership since 1998

Who we are:  Business practitioners who strip away the hype, jargon and mystery from leadership, business and success.

What we do:  We unlock 3 times more value, confidence and agility in your people – their strengths, passions and genius, through practical workshops, coaching and facilitation.

Our passion is for you, your teams and your organisation to be successful, by being yourselves.

Why choose us?

Our track record

Our client list spans every culture, sector and area of leadership.

We don’t solve A problem -

We solve THE problem. Behavioural change is the root cause of everything.

You will achieve your outcome

We know exactly what you must do to achieve your results.


We embed new behaviours as a habit – the only way to long-term sustainable change.


An investment not a cost. You will make/save at least 3 times more than you invest in us.


We can show you how  to do what we do, for yourselves, removing external dependence.

We believe in...

Emotional wellbeing – What’s ‘right’ with us, not the endless what’s ‘wrong’ with us.

3 times more financial return from all change, business and leadership programmes – internally and externally.

Business can be a force for good – And it all comes down to leadership.

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The naked leader formula for guaranteed success

Become a Naked Leader Client

Business people meeting at office and use post it notes to share idea. Brainstorming concept. Sticky note on glass wall.

We are niche – we only partner with brave, focused and ambitious leaders who want fast-track, permanent change that delivers at least 3 times more return on their investment.

If this is you, please ring Simon Maier 01483766502 or email simonmaier@nakedleader.com

1. We will meet. You will assess if we can deliver on our massive promise, we will assess your courage to make such fast, long-term, measurable change.

2. A two hour workshop to identify a specific area that will achieve the biggest, fastest and most significant impact.

3. We will achieve the outcomes you want and need from this area, and in the course of doing this, we will see how well we work together.

4. When this is successful, we will go forward with a full tailored programme to achieve your outcome.

What’s your Number 1 issue right now?

David Taylor is the business ambassador for the Trust. We support The Prince’s Trust young ambassador programme by providing workshops and mentoring.

Our Academic Partner – the only business school in the UK with an embedded relationship with both Harvard business school and Babson College Boston. We partner on leadership, coaching and entrepreneurial expertise.