Our team

  • David Taylor

    Founder Naked Leader

    David works with top leaders around the world, including the CEOs from Ford, Veolia and NHS Blood...

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  • Gavin Preston

    Executive Coach - Behavioural Change

    Gavin is an insightful, inspiring and engaging trainer and coach focused on the key drivers for...

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  • Jingru Liu

    Special Advisor China

    Jingru Liu advises Naked Leader's on what we can do for China and how to do it.

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  • Clive Barrett


    Clive has an extensive knowledge and experience of working with business clients and writing articles...

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  • Claire Kidd

    Coach and Social Dude

    Claire is and is passionate about people fulfilling their potential and enables them to Be and...

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  • Andrew Marks

    Lead - Client Simplicity

    Andrew has built broad and deep business leadership experience through over 20 years of international...

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  • Rod Alderton

    Lead - Client Digital

    Rod is the ex CIO of RSA, AXA and Equinity Group, leading over 20,000 people.

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  • Jules Peck

    Executive Coach

    Jules Peck is an outstanding international exec coach and training consultant with over twenty five...

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  • Nerine Skinner

    Lead - Client Creativity

    After training as a dancer and in musical theatre, Nerine realised that stand-up comedy and improv...

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  • Marcellus Lindsay

    Executive Coach

    Marcellus Lindsay is a professional speaker, trainer, author and business mentor.

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