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Confidence Takes Alan On Direct Path To Success

ONE look at his management profile confirms that Alan Hughes has made a seismic impact on the world of banking. Having been there and done it he has not so much worn the T-shirt as organised the manufacturing process, chosen the design and materials, and personally motivated the machinists with a sprinkling of his entrepreneurial stardust.

Naked Leader is very proud, pleased and excited to announce that Alan will be speaking at the Naked Leader Conference in October, where he will enlighten delegates on the success story that is First Direct. As chief executive of the UK banking giant his is a story worth listening to.

In his exalted role he has trebled its size and made it profitable whilst increasing its [...]… Continue Reading

It’s Not What You Know…

KNOWLEDGE is no longer power so pass on what you know. Relationships, leadership and teamwork are today’s power. There is so much knowledge and information going around, and we have such ease of access to so much more, that holding onto your bit of unique information won’t make any difference.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

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Devon Relish For Jana In Clovelly

Jana Edwards in Clovelly

THE road to true happiness rarely runs smooth so there is a certain irony that Jana Edwards has found her vocation in a village famed for its cobbled street.

By her own admission Jana’s arrival in Clovelly, north Devon’s jewel in the crown boasting an 800-year heritage and iconic status, came about by accident rather than design.

Now though, three years into an exciting new business venture at the tourist magnet, the free-spirited Canadian entrepreneur knows it is where she was meant to be.

Her own self-propelled voyage of discovery is a clear message for us all.

Like Naked Leader she advocates ‘living in the moment’, ‘trusting our own instincts’ and ‘pursuing our dreams’ – all tips she would pass [...]… Continue Reading

A School Of Thought

IF you would like to connect with children, pass on your experience and help large numbers, one of the most effective ways is to speak at a school.

Most schools in our area will welcome an external speaker such as yourself. It’s usually easy to find a slot, then the challenge comes when you actually speak because children are by far the most open, honest and demanding of audiences. By far!

That should excite, rather than concern you. And providing you do just one thing, you will go down well. Leave the Powerpoint and the photos of your last safari at home, and simply, be yourself. Of course, plan and prepare. Involve them in activities and make it interactive. Just whatever you [...]… Continue Reading

Buy Into Ownership

WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths. Hold a meeting and, as a team, agree that no one will ever say anything behind each others’ backs which they would not say to their faces.

This is a given, and must be accepted on an emotional level. If everyone simply nods, they will not do it. If anyone suggests they are already doing this, just ask them if there is anyone in the team that they do not particularly ‘get on with’. If they say ‘Yes’, ask them what happened when they shared that with that person, in private. People must buy into this at an emotional level. Everyone must buy into it.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

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Make Yours Quality Time

SPEND time with your children – when they want to spend time with you. It is gold-dust time, so do not be too busy or you will regret it when they have grown up and leave home – and grow up they will.

Watch their choice of programme on TV with them, and watch is positively without judgement.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

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Get Rewarded – Take Out The Positives

CHOOSING to live a positive life isn’t easy – it is worth it, though.

Whatever we do in our lifetimes takes commitment and a will to achieve success and not to accept failure. The rewards can be great – and they don’t have to be financial.

Right from when we were children we have learned the essentials by repetitive practice and by not giving up. Such as learning to crawl, to walk, to ride a bike.

Don’t say ‘it can’t be done’ because as a child, you just did it. There was no instant formula. Once we have mastered the habit of things we all now consider normal, we have, in our minds, accepted it is a habit we can replicate.

We can be [...]… Continue Reading

One True Voice

INSIDE your team, debate, discuss and decide – then go forward with one voice. Providing everyone has had a chance to have their say, and been genuinely listened to, they will go forward with you. ‘One team – one vision’.

This does not mean you are ‘against’ other teams (we can all be in more than one team). It does mean that we unite behind a common purpose. And we never, ever run down another member of our team, except in private, with that person.

You can move forward in your organisation, as one voice, today.

(Extract from The Naked Leader).

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Put Your Future On The Map

HAVE a business plan. Anybody wanting to survive in business has to have a vision, a plan.

It is an essential tool for thriving and moving forward as a company. Make sure you have one. When you go on a car journey, if you’re sensible, you will have mapped out your route.

You know where you are, where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. It is no different in business. Map out your future plans, funding, market trends, market size, accounting and cash-flow, as well as a multitude of other elements. Do it today.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

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Mark Meets University Challenge Head On

BRIDGING the gap between education and business is a passion of Mark Durkin.

So there can be no greater gift in his role of Professor of Marketing at the University of Ulster than equipping his students with the tools they need to flourish in the harsh world of commerce.

On October 24, at the Naked Leader Conference – Leadership That Makes You Money – Naked Leader founder David Taylor will welcome Mark on to the stage for a debate about Education versus Experience in the workplace. Both will give their viewpoint in what promises to be a fascinating session.

For Mark, there is a paradoxical issue surrounding the area of the skills required by employers. For him, it is not so much about [...]… Continue Reading