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The Deal

Too many training courses and company events end on a real high, and then nothing happens. I believe this is for three reasons:

1. Because people attend these events to find out more knowledge or information than they already have – which is a waste of time, for two reasons. Firstly they already ‘know’ all of what they need to know to make a difference, and secondly they are still out there looking for the ‘perfect’ answer, which does not exist. If it is information and knowledge that people need, they need not attend these events, they just need to go to a search engine.

2. Because people will most often focus on what they do not want, rather than what they do. This not only causes a mental blockage to accepting what they do want (and will lead them to endless discussion and debate that other people are ‘wrong’, even though they have not found out what is ‘right’), it also causes them to automatically move towards what they do not want, because they keep thinking and talking about it. Remember, as human beings we automatically move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.

3. Because they do not commit (make a true decision) to actually doing something – to taking action that relates to something that is important to them.

You can overcome these three reasons in a very simple way, through The Deal. It goes like this:

You have a choice: we can debate and discuss, and then debate and discuss some more… or we can actually do something. So, for key decisions and actions, I will tell you exactly what to do, and you will do what I suggest, or you will do something else – you will actually commit to do something, as opposed to doing nothing.

This, along with there being no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only what serves you (takes you closer to your desired result) or what does not serve you (takes you further away), removes people’s excuses, ends the debate, and leads to action.

Outcome: everyone agrees that this event or action is about making a big difference, not talking about making a big difference.

The Deal

I promise to share with you the most powerful, exact ways to achieve what you want to achieve.

And in return…

… you promise to take action.

And that action may be what I suggest, or, if you disagree with something I suggest, you will do something else – you will do something.

Whether it is something I suggested, or the complete opposite, that’s fine. I do not mind if you believe in me, I want to know if you believe in you.

OK – You probably read that last bit, you took it in, now please re-read it.



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