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Customers Know Best

DO your customers let you know what they want? Do they give you feedback? If not, go and ask them. Make it easy for them to approach you with their requests/feedback.

Ask them how do they rate your customer service and what their expectations are of you? Ensure your complaints procedure is monitored so you know how many you receive and how quickly/efficiently they are dealt with. Turn customers who might have complained into loyal customers.

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Delight Your Customers

BUSINESS is not just about making money, it is about delighting your customers. Making money is the by-product. And you will delight your customers by following through and delivering on what you promise.

So, this week, and always, follow through and deliver on your promise. Be seen to deliver your agreement. And if something goes wrong, make it right, and then more than right.

Every customer-supplier dispute, the loss of a customer, a fall-out with a client, a decision by a potential customer not to come to you – they all come down to one thing. An actual, or perceived (same thing), broken promise.

Make sure you deliver and follow through on your deals, your agreements and your promises – always.

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Don’t Be A Twit – Facebook It

AS a business it is time to Face it. The simple truth is that if you fail to offer your customers online support or you do not maintain a social media profile, you could lose out.

A recent study has found that consumers expect online availability while expecting a response to enquiries outside of office hours. That includes purchasing from companies who are able to communicate in the evenings or early mornings.

And a large percentage of customers questioned said they were more likely to buy from firms on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Weighing up the quality of the after-sales support is also a factor for consumers.

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Think Customer

PUT your customers first. They are why you exist. Without them, you have no business, no organisation. They must be at the top of your priorities, in the eyes, minds and actions of all your people.

Your number one aim is to attract, retain and delight your customers so that they come back for more. Ensure your organisational processes, charts and roles reflect this. If your structure is vertical, put customers at the top. If it is horizontal, put customers end to end. And put true decision-making power where it belongs – with the people serving your customers.

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Thought For The Month

MAKING a good first impression involves making eye contact and smiling – a genuine smile with your eyes and your mouth. Be genuinely happy to meet all new people.

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Thought For The Week

PEOPLE buy from people. So take time to get to know the person in front of you when you are selling. They will make the decision. To buy from you they must trust and respect you. To buy lots from you they must also like you. End of story.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

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Thought For The Week

WHEN starting in business, find the right bank. Shop around. Look at which offers the best services and rates for you. Stay with a bank where you might have held a long-standing personal relationship. The better the bank knows you, the more they can help.

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Action For The Week

YOUR people are not your number one asset. They are your only asset. So, place leadership at the heart of everything you do. And do it now. Your HR Director becomes Leadership Director and make sure you have one main leadership provider – yourselves – removing all your external dependence in this vital area.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

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Balancing Act

IN business, such as in sport, you need hod carriers as well as artists, stability in harness with skill, while caution should be allied to courage and creativity.

Remember, as a team, you need to have a range of attributes to make business work and you should consider the objectives of the team and what it is you hope to achieve before recruiting. While thinking about the main tasks being undertaken, identify the competencies needed to overcome obstacles and complete the assignment – then decide on the people you need.

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Make Your Voice Heard To Get Ahead

IS your business well known online? Are you maximising your sales potential over the Internet? If not, then it may be time to shout – or yell even!

Sending a flyer to people is becoming a thing of the past in this fast-moving world – and making a promotional film about your business is likely to have far greater impact on your sales. Business directory yel.com launched ShopView, a service allowing small and medium firms to upload a film to add to their online listing. Anything between two and five minutes. It could be the best use of time your business has known.

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