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One Team – One Vision

INSIDE your team, debate, discuss and decide – then go forward with one voice. Providing everyone has had a chance to have their say, and been genuinely listened to, they will go forward with you. ‘One team – one vision’.

This does not mean you are ‘against’ other teams (we can all be in more than one team). It does mean that we unite behind a common purpose. And we never, ever run down another member of our team, except in private, with that person.

You can move forward in your organisation, as one voice, today.

(Extract from The Naked Leader).

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How to Pass that Exam

Time to Read: 3 Minutes Maximum

Time to Watch: 5 Mins 51 Secs (It’s worth it) 

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How to Pass that Exam (please forward to anyone you know who is sitting an exam)

– if every tip here each helped you gain a mark – you would get an extra 15 marks! Think about it.

The Top Fifteen Tips

In Advance…

1. Study past exam papers and take a mock exam in them…… with the same time period etc. Past exam papers are invaluable.

2. Schedule your revision periods to suit your best energy times. You may be a [...]… Continue Reading

The Real Naked Leader

Rosalind Howard

“Naked Leader would not be what it is today, without her.”

The rushing to catch a flight words of Naked Leader Founder David Taylor, about Rosalind Howard, CEO of Naked Leader. He added:

“Rosalind has been CEO of Naked Leader for three years – the most successful period in the company’s history, so far.”

He concluded with one of his characteristic jokes – “now, there’s a coincidence!”

Almost every book on starting a company makes the same recommendation – if you are The Founder, be The Founder, and when established, hand over the leadership reins to someone who is better able to take the company to its next level.

Rosalind sees her main role as helping the Naked Leader team to be the [...]… Continue Reading

Forget Employee of the Month – and do this instead…

Have an Employee of The Minute.

As a leader your number one priority is to get the very best out of each and everyone who works for you.

So, your choice – go through the rota of Employee of the Month, ensuring you cover everyone, or worse, miss people out.

Or be a caring, visible and charismatic leader by combining three powerful behaviours – humour, giving people a standard to live up to, and catching them do things right, over and over.

Of course people make mistakes, hold them to account on these in private.

Catch them doing things right, do it warmly, sincerely and genuinely, and it works.

And if it doesn’t work, for you and your team, then do something else.

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Put Your Event Planning on Repeat

DEVELOP a repeatable process for your events. Be obsessive in your preparation. Have a checklist of what you need to do, take it, and follow it, religiously.

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Concentrate On The Here And Now

BE here right now – and no we are not talking about the hit album for English rock band Oasis in 1997!

Being in the moment is more the theme here, to really appreciate what it is we are doing at any moment in time.

Naked Leader founder David Taylor has always advocated it and reading A Book For Heroes, by Simon Barnes, the chapter on the former England cricket captain Colin Cowdrey, was fascinating.

The then 42-year-old was called out of a three-and-a-half year international exile to play for England against Australia because they needed him. He risked his status as a cricketing ‘great’ for the good of his country, because ‘I just wanted to go and see if I could do [...]… Continue Reading

All the things that are wrong with you

Dear You









With my love and best wishes
PS. Enjoy YOUR self today

Any comments? Add them below.

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How to make your success inevitable in 2014

How to make your success inevitable in 2014 – keywords are in bold

1. Have an Outcome you really want that many would call “impossible.”

2. Every day, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t.

3. Take ownership of your life – “if it is to be, it is up to me.”

4. Don’t let what you can’t do, stop you doing what you can.

5. Don’t change your life – choose your life. Your choices decide your destiny.

6. When you decide to do something, do it. Keep Your Word – or stop saying you are going to.

7. Get back up again, and again, and again – persistence is totally incompatible with failure.


8. Help others, share the above, spread the truth that everything [...]… Continue Reading

Buy Into Ownership

WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths. Hold a meeting and, as a team, agree that no one will ever say anything behind each others’ backs which they would not say to their faces.

This is a given, and must be accepted on an emotional level. If everyone simply nods, they will not do it. If anyone suggests they are already doing this, just ask them if there is anyone in the team that they do not particularly ‘get on with’.

If they say ‘Yes’, ask them what happened when they shared that with that person, in private. People must buy into this at an emotional level. Everyone must buy into it.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

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Customers Know Best

DO your customers let you know what they want? Do they give you feedback? If not, go and ask them. Make it easy for them to approach you with their requests/feedback.

Ask them how do they rate your customer service and what their expectations are of you? Ensure your complaints procedure is monitored so you know how many you receive and how quickly/efficiently they are dealt with. Turn customers who might have complained into loyal customers.

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