Need to make fast and lasting change?

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Cultural Transformation is people, any Change Programme is money and with Executive Coaching you have the ultimate – a self-leading organisation.

Cultural Transformation

Unlock 3 times more passions, confidence and agility in the people that you already have, while stripping out fear, stress and excuses. Achieve this, achieve anything.

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Change Programmes

That transform your growth with at least 3 times more financial Return on Investment from people, projects and partnerships. Do it and you will succeed. Don’t and you won’t.

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Executive Coaching

Relevant, engaging  and focused, not academic, boring, and fluffy. You will apply how-tos that work, regardless of source. Our Coaching delivers ROI ranging from 3 to 40 times more.

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Our question for you

what’s your number 1 issue right now?

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3 times more.why wouldn't you?

Authentic leadership since 1998

1500 + assignments completed
40 + countries
150 + clients

The 7 questions to ask any of your potential suppliers

If any potential supplier can’t answer ‘yes’ to each of these questions, and demonstrate their answer, don’t work with them:


Have you worked with a wide range of organisations across cultures, sectors and size?


Are you going to make us 3 times more money than we invest, including our internal costs?


Will what we do together be sustainable?

Our World

Is your agenda customised to our issues, challenges and opportunities?

Mental Wellness

Will what you do energise, uplift and inspire our people?

Build or Destroy

Will what you do build on similar work that we have done before?


Are your people business practitioners who have been there, done it and speak in simple language?

Naked Leader

We answer ‘yes’ to all of these – find out how in a no strings attached conversation.

Our question for you

what’s your number 1 issue right now?

Need to make fast and lasting change?


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