33 Reasons to…

Time to Read – 33 Seconds

…Go to a loved one and tell them that you love them, in the same way you did when you first felt that way.

Respect and value a team member, in a way you have never done before.

Or simply value being alive.

33 miners combined with many brave rescue workers and the global media to give us all a life affirming experience, so now, today, do something that returns that affirmation.



  • Mark Hammer

    That miners' escape was so compelling to watch. It was an amazing miracle when you think about it and to think they survived that long and all came out to tell the tale was truly astounding. And it does put things in perspective, it's true. You have to see life differently after an experience like that.And I will vow to be closer to the people I love because of it. Life can be fragile.

  • Mark Hammer

    I've just told my wife I love her. Don't do it often enough. It's the little things that matter in life. The small things add up to the big things.

  • Joanne

    I work hard not to take people for granted but it's amazing how watching the miner rescue changes your perspective so much. That evening which we were watching it on the news, we had a burst pipe from the upstairs flat that flooded our kitchen badly but we saw the funny side and just got to work mopping and minimising the damage – it just didn't seem that important after what we had witnessed on the TV 🙂

  • Chris Everton

    I had a similar experience when my wife came hom to say she had had a small bump in the car. It turned out to be a slightly bigger impact that she said but I too looked at it and was just thankful that nobody was hurt. Watching the miners come out one by one was an incredible sight and it was great to see. It changes your perceptions a lot. Life is precious.

  • Mary Hull

    Whenever i have a bad experience i always try to put a different viewpoint on it.That way I end up feeling good about something I really shouldn't. How's that for reverse psychology?

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