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Time to Read – One Over

And so England has retained the Ashes, in Australia, for the first time in 25 years.

Much praise is rightly being heaped on Captain Andrew Strauss. For me, there are three key behaviours that we can learn from Andrew, and apply in many areas of our lives.

1. A relentless focus on the outcome

The UK has a media of extremes – one win = the world’s best, one loss = disaster. Throughout the series and its highs and lows, Strauss kept his focus on the outcome – to retain the Ashes.

2. Getting on with the matter in hand, right now

Outcomes are only achieved through a series of actions in the now. In interviews with England players, this came through time and again – Strauss wanted a total attention to every ball, every play, in every present moment.

3. It’s not how often you get knocked down, it’s how often you get back up

After being dismissed for a third-ball duck in the first innings at Brisbane, Strauss said he had never felt worse on a cricket field. However that was in the past. He now had to focus on his second innings, which he did, scoring 110.

With my love and best wishes

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  • Patrik

    Hi David,

    Beeing in progress with (re)implementation of David Allens GTD (Gettings things Done) I reflected on the two initial behaviours you noted.

    1) If you have not defined what the succesfull outcome with your task/project is it is very difficult to now where you are heading or even it you are heading in the right direction.

    2) You need then to act with focus on the next physical action (at hand) to set and act on next step in order to move towards the goal to make it happen even and then continous review outcome and plan next action.

    and congratulations England to the Ashes

  • I enjoyed Andrew Strauss’ leadership. Very unflustered, knew what he wanted and single mindedly went out and achieved it.
    Whether England would have won the Ashes without him is a tricky one. Certainly they would have needed him as a batsman. In my experience of the game, there are 11 captains. They all know what should be done to be achieved and they all chip in to help the captain who merely has the final say.
    To say that England wouldn’t have won the Ashes without Strauss as captain devalues Andy Flower’s role as coach. There is the real leader of men. Strauss was merely his right arm.

  • Strauss was a great leader, plain and simple.
    He also had a great set of players around him. He wouldn’t have won the Ashes if he didn’t have those wonderful bowlers for instance. He was in the right place and the right time.

  • I agree David. A born leader and should be lauded as such.

  • Captaincy has to be taught by the Manager and Selectors from their own vast experience.

    Andrew Strauss has taken all the advice on board and bonded a fine team.

    His Vice Captain and all players appear to have given him the performance and support he needs as skipper of the team, although most players “failed” at some stage of the tour.

    The spirit throughout the tour and throughout the “team” was manifest on inummerable occasions via the television coverage.

    It has all been a joy to witness, especially when England recovered after losing so badly early on the tour.

    How pleasant to have cricket as a National Game.

    England may have won the Ashes with a different Captain – we shall find out later in the century.

    Let us just savour the moment of 2011 – Well done England and the Team lead by Strauss.

  • To say England couldn’t have won the Ashes without Strauss as leader is just not cricket.
    He had a great team of players around him and I would say the coaching team deserve credit too.
    As for a batsman, well, that’s a different story. Strauss is a glorious batsman and I love to watch him bat. His fine skills went a long way to helping Alistair Cook fulfill his potential as openers and the whole experience was a lovely spectacle.

  • I like the look of Andrew Strauss. He is an amazing captain…and good looking too!
    I should like to applaud the 12th man in the Ashes win. My brother was one of around 18,000 in the SCG on the last day, merely to see three wickets go down. Amazing support which no doubt helped us win.

  • A captain is only as good as the players he has. You can be a great captin but if you have a lot of poor players it’s not going to shine through.
    Strauss was allowed to be a good captain because of the quality around him.

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