A little used three letter word that will help you…

Time to Read – Under a minute (unless you break for a cup of tea in the middle)

When you pause to reflect on how you are doing – achievements measured against plans, it is easy to be self-critical, and focus on what you haven’t achieved.

And then your inner voice goes into overdrive, telling you that you “should” have achieved that by now, that you are going to “fail” and other such wonderful words that always arrive on the scene of a really good telling yourself off session.

It need not be like that.

With the addition of just one three letter word, you can stop punishing yourself, get back on track and most importantly, be calm.

And the word is…


Choice One

“I haven’t achieved that…I must be useless etc.”

Choice Two

“I haven’t achieved that…yet”.

Yet stops negative self-talk in its tracks, and makes it absolutely clear that you will achieve it, you just haven’t, yet.

Please share this with a friend or colleague who needs it.

With my love and best wishes


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