A little used three letter word that will help you…

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When you pause to reflect on how you are doing – achievements measured against plans, it is easy to be self-critical, and focus on what you haven’t achieved.

And then your inner voice goes into overdrive, telling you that you “should” have achieved that by now, that you are going to “fail” and other such wonderful words that always arrive on the scene of a really good telling yourself off session.

It need not be like that.

With the addition of just one three letter word, you can stop punishing yourself, get back on track and most importantly, be calm.

And the word is…


Choice One

“I haven’t achieved that…I must be useless etc.”

Choice Two

“I haven’t achieved that…yet”.

Yet stops negative self-talk in its tracks, and makes it absolutely clear that you will achieve it, you just haven’t, yet.

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With my love and best wishes


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  • Boris Cahn

    i like those three little letters David. They buy time as we all want to achieve things before our time is up and by saying ‘yet’ we will always have our intentions ‘pending’.

  • Paul Charlton

    I wanted to achieve that, and yet, I might just leave it for a while longer.
    That is the danger, you might never get round to achieving something if you add the yet word to the end of a sentence.

  • Maureen

    I like to think there is so much moreIi want to do and i will be putting the yet to one side and just getting on with it.

  • Chris Everton

    I think most people enjoy the fact they can say ‘yet’ in terms of not having done something.
    It implies it will be done at some stage, even though it might not really be on the agenda.
    Have you done your tax return? To that question, no I haven’t yet means that you will be doing it.
    Have you been to Australia? no, not yet, is likely to mean no and you never will.
    There are different meanings depending on the question, it’s very interesting.

  • Maurice

    I would like to write a reply here, and yet…

  • Marcus Adams

    Using the word Yet in that way is is just another way of procrastinating.
    Get on and do something, don’t make excuses that you haven’t done it yet.

  • Cynthia James

    I like the bit about not punishing ourselves over not achieving because we all have busy lives and that is not the right way to deal with it.
    If we say that word then it does give us time to reflect and work out whether we want to pursue that aim still.
    Some things we have to do and others we don’t. Put them in order of priority is essential.

  • Michael Sumner

    I like to get the things done i have to do and then move on to the other more menial tasks. The problem becomes when you leave the task too long and then it becomes essential.
    Then when you haven’t done it ‘yet’ it becomes a problem.

  • Harry Peake

    Some things just seem to happen anyway or become less important the longer you leave them undone.
    i often leave things and have a list and eventually I look a the list a month later and the important things have been taken care of of their own accord.
    Sometimes it’s best to leave some of the things that are not classed as urgent.

  • Neil C

    I haven’t done it yet is very easy to say and less easy to get away with if it’s something that HAD to be done by a certain time.
    Deadlines in a job often mean you can’t get away with such a saying.
    I guess others have it easier than some.

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