“A private NL Week, just between you and me”

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Shush now!

This one is strictly private.

It’s just that I made a promise awhile back that I wouldn’t ever share any story about this guy, and today I break that promise.

I simply have to, and I don’t think he would mind – if you tell him, that is.

The story in a single sentence:

Young man applies for a job he really wants with an amazing, innovative company and gets an interview and is told he came very close so he took another job to keep himself going and he continues to call the company, regularly, that he really, really wants to work for and then offers to work for them giving his one remaining week of holiday for free, so they can see how good he is and to cut a very long and inspiring, tears welling in my eyes with pride, story, very short indeed, our son Anthony starts work with CGP this very day.

Thank you to www.cgpbooks.co.uk I promise you he won’t let you down, ever.

Thank you for allowing me to share that story with you.

Action – Please don’t tell Anthony about me writing this (a sort of non-action).

Poll – Are you in the job of your dreams?  – Dream / Nightmare

With love to you all


  • Nigel Banister

    Good on Anthony I say David – you must be very proud!

    All the best


  • Barbara Dawson

    It is a shame that we cannot get this inspirational story out to all the youngsters who left school this summer and are having a tough time finding jobs. It would reinforce the message, don't give up hope or on your dreams. Well done to Anthony.

  • Adnan Alkhalaf

    All youth need to study this story nowdays

  • Liz Magem

    That is fantastic news – so pleased for Anthony that his persistence has paid off – we know how hard it is for these graduates as Anthony and Andrew have shared in these difficult times – you must all be so chuffed

    Liz and Philip (Norwich)

  • Bwilson

    My niece walked up and down Saville row for months handing out CVs until one of the tailors eventually gave her an appenticeship – you can now see the suits she has sewn on all sorts of celebrities and on film. Persistence pays.

  • Clive Barrett

    Please pass on my best wishes to Anthony, David. That's great news. I wish him all the best.

  • Mary Hull

    A heartwarming story David. And it goes to show that sheer doggedness can pay off when it becomes that important to you. Congratulations to Anthony. He sounds like a man who has his head screwed on and his passion will do the rest for him in his career.

  • Chris Everton

    The job of anyone's dreams is difficult to obtain.There is a way of doing it though. To go out on your own. There are lots of opportunities to get a business started and redundancy, talked about elsewhere on this site, is one such instance. Get yourself in to the job of your dreams my making it happen. Before it's too late. If you have redundancy, all the better.

  • Great story and good for her – an opportunity in a shop (or anywhere) comes along at an exact moment, and in that moment suddenly someone is needed – who comes to mind? I know, what about that girl who was here with her cv yesterday? Great timing like this is bound to come with great persistence. David

  • Mark Hammer

    I know a friend who has given his CV to a 100 companies. He has heard back from two of them. it's a shockingly depressing time to try and fine a job, let alone a dream one. So it's not always the case that persistence pays but on the other hand if you never keep trying you will never find out.

  • suecabot

    A great comment from one of our followers:

    Love it! Proud dad no doubt, and good luck to Anthony in his shiny new job!


  • suecabot

    Message received from Lucy – one of our followers:

    How things work out!!

    I am about to go off on holiday for a week but need to make a call today to an agency chasing me to go and work for another organisation. I have been considering it, but know in my heart of hearts that the job I already have is my dream job..

    Thank you for making this clear though!

  • Godfreyhc

    Good story and very true to life.Our Son has done a similar approach to Anthony. He is now IN A JOB HE WAITED FOR SOME 12 MONTHS. The methodology used by Anthony and our Son is most appropriate when the “wanted position” is in a growing trade, profession or industry and more posts will become available over time.Thus don't just go for the vacancy – go for the Company, Institution, Govt Dept of your selection and be patient!But still fill in the applications that appeal – just in case the super job does not materialise.Well done AnthonyBest wishes DavidGodfrey

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