“A private NL Week, just between you and me”

Time to Read – Just less than 2 minutes and 34 seconds

Shush now!

This one is strictly private.

It’s just that I made a promise awhile back that I wouldn’t ever share any story about this guy, and today I break that promise.

I simply have to, and I don’t think he would mind – if you tell him, that is.

The story in a single sentence:

Young man applies for a job he really wants with an amazing, innovative company and gets an interview and is told he came very close so he took another job to keep himself going and he continues to call the company, regularly, that he really, really wants to work for and then offers to work for them giving his one remaining week of holiday for free, so they can see how good he is and to cut a very long and inspiring, tears welling in my eyes with pride, story, very short indeed, our son Anthony starts work with CGP this very day.

Thank you to www.cgpbooks.co.uk I promise you he won’t let you down, ever.

Thank you for allowing me to share that story with you.

Action – Please don’t tell Anthony about me writing this (a sort of non-action).

Poll – Are you in the job of your dreams?  – Dream / Nightmare

With love to you all

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