A question for Easter…

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It’s time this question was resolved

Which came first: The chicken or the egg?

Enjoy this Easter Holiday

With my love and best wishes

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  • Egg.

    I got a chocolate egg on Sunday (yesterday) and I’m having Chicken for tea tonight (Tuesday).

    Glad I could help.


  • Steve

    Clearly the Egg came first (so long as you believe in Darwinism and not creationalism). There would have been a mutation in a foetal predecessor in it’s egg which would ultimately lead to what we now know as a chicken. So clearly the egg came before the chicken…. before that it would have been called a flying lizard or a later relative would have been a flying predecessor and not a chicken.
    Well actually it would not have been called anything as they didn’t have vocal abilities or classification systems back then.
    However, a chicken definately came before my chocolate egg delivered by the Easter Bunny on Sunday.

  • Rosie

    Do you know Steve I never knew all that. So thank you for stting this to rights- (I think I must believe in Darwinism) – your explanation makes sense to me.

    In our house the easter bunny in a chocolate form took the lead this year.

  • The chicken came first. How else would it have procreated? It’s obvious.

  • All this talk about chickens and eggs has made me hungry.
    Chocolate eggs are far better than real ones. And I have plenty of those left over.
    As for what came first, I have to go with the chicken too.

  • The egg has to be hatched before it can exist. Therefore the chicken has to have come first. On the other hand…

  • It’s not a chicken or an egg we should be talking about. Easter is now all about Bunnys apparently.
    I am appalled at the lack of Easter cards with Christian messages. It’s all about rabbits now. It’s a shame.

  • I believe the egg came first.
    All things have to come from somewhere so maybe the egg just formed…and fell off a tree or something like that.

  • I beat my record. Just read it in seven seconds…

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