A Quick Engagement Survey…

Time to Read if you are engaged – 53 seconds
Time to Read if you are not – Several hours

Straight from the HR Leadership Alliance, where I was chairing the day, in London last week… the latest hot topic in leadership – engagement surveys.

Great – the engagement of our people is very important

Not so great – are people engaged doing the right things? How much does that lack of engagement cost the company? And, the biggest unanswered question…

If someone is not highly engaged, what is that person doing about it?

Yes, the leader and the organisation may have to do something different but surely the person who ticked the low engagement score is not having much fun, and should take it on board to do something about it, for themselves.

So, if you carry out engagement surveys make sure that your engaged people are working on important projects, monetise your survey and make sure people know that if they are unhappy with something they have the choice, the obligation, to get off their backside and do something about it, rather than hang around waiting for the next survey to come along.

With love to you all



  • Maureen

    Oh dear- what on earth does “monetise your survey” mean…..a sad lapse into management gobledegook!

  • Mark Hammer

    I have been in many meetings that have meant I am engaged although I haven't been highly engaged because the person supposedly doing the engaging simply wasn't engaging enough.Being engaged is fine although as you say David, being engaged by in itself is just not a justifiable use of time.Being fully engaged takes emotion and believability and it takes a good meeting or speaker to get me into that state.

  • Mark Hammer

    Oh dear – what on earth is gobbledegook? I suspect 'monetise your survey' means working out how much it is costing the company to conduct it. So to ascertain whether or not it is an engaging enough survey to use staff time in conducting. Of course, what I have just said may be gobbledygook, although at least I've spelt it correctly.

  • Rosalind

    Naked leader specialise in no jargon and I am afraid yes this was jargon so we apologise Maureen and thanks for pointing it out. we mustpractise what we preach.

  • Mohammadiftikar

    Entirely agree with your point of view. Be engaged if you are not already, and no second thoughts about it!

  • Mary

    Second thoughts come into it although being engaged, really full on concentration with your subject matter, is very rewarding and I try to do that a lot.Shutting out everything else to concentrate on what you are doing is a good practice to maintain.

  • David

    Hi Maureen – Just seen your comment, totally agree, thank you for your feedback – David

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