A Random act of Leadership

Time to Read: 22 Seconds

If leadership isn’t about helping others…

Then I don’t know what it is about

What random act of leadership will you do – this week, today, right now, to help someone?

That person in your team that you have never quite connected with, next time you see them ask “how’s it going?”

And listen as if your very existence depended on it.

That friend of yours who you know, needs your help – text them, or better still, call them or best of all write them a handwritten letter simply saying that they are in your mind. Everyone loves to receive a letter, and so few people do. To think, in just 5 minutes you can choose to change someone’s life, forever.

Or, a total stranger (Time to Watch 1min 47 secs)

Leadership is about helping other people to be the very best that they already are.

And, it is also about helping yourself to be the same.

Do any or all of the above and as you close your eyes tonight, it will come back to you, tenfold.

Commit to a random act of leadership and share it below.

With my love and best wishes



  • Darren Roach

    I led someone to safety today after a man had fallen off his bike on the road. I ran to help, he was unhurt, just shaken, and I was pleased I did my bit to help out.
    Does that count?

  • Robert English

    Not sure that is an act of leadership in the true sense but a noble gesture nonetheless.

  • David Taylor

    And well done to Jackie once again for the “Superman” NL graphic – genius David

  • Harry Peake

    Superman graphic is awesome.
    My wife had cancer and so many people write to her and express their love, it is very heart-warming.
    Just a text, or a card, makes a world of difference.

  • Harry Peake

    Is that Michael Buble in the graphic, sure looks like him.

  • Lisa Classics

    I recently turned down a lucrative job offer as the ethos of the company was that you must not support staff more than the minimum. Their view is that it compromises your agenda and hides poor performance or lack of potential. I couldn’t agree – so I wish them well but without me. A helping hand is not a crutch and my agenda isn’t just tomorrow’s deadline it’s the company’s big picture and the team as a whole,so I strongly feel mentoring and assistance is one of a leaders most imperative duties – helping people to deliver for themselves, learn and gain confidence is far more productive overall than me just achieving a list of minor milestones single handed.

  • Ethan Ross

    Texting is a cop out these days. If your friend needs you, then ring.

  • Graham Stagg

    Giving people guidance and allowing them to be the best they can be is really rewarding, even more so than actually achieving something yourself.

  • Tony Weeks

    Leadership can be many things and is not necessarily management.
    Don’t confuse the two.
    People can manage, without any leadership qualities. Leaders have a better idea of managing in my experience.

  • Cynthia James

    Most managers can leader and vice versa, that’s just common sense thinking.

  • Christian Moss

    Managing is wholly different to leading.
    Football managers can manage a group of players but it is the chairman who leads.
    Of course football and business don’t mix. You simply cannot apply business rules to the running of a football club, it is about the players you have on the pitch, and nothing else. Win on the pitch and the business side falls into place. Speculating to accumulate.

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