A Rant

Time to Read – Goodness Only Knows

I recently read a column in a trade journal which had so many management speak words, terms and phrases that I didn’t understand the point of it at all.

I thought ‘this is too bad of me, I really must have a go at working out what this is all about as I need to keep up with the latest management thinking’.

So, on further and deeper analysis, the point of it was (I believe) (two and half pages later) that organisations are too functionally organised to really serve the needs of their customers and to keep up with the current pace of change.

Now, this IS interesting to me.

I can only imagine the purpose of including so much jargon is to dress up simple concepts to make the author look clever (when in fact the author is an idiot), or to pander to scrabble players, or to cover up the fact that this is not really startling, earth shattering or new news (albeit interesting).

Now that assumes my conclusion of the main point is correct. I may of course be wrong, in which case, even more, (please forgive the shouting) WHAT’S THE POINT OF WRITING LIKE THAT?

If you want to make a point, then get to the point.

Rant Ends

With Love to you all

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