About Boxes

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Time to Read: Just over 2 minutes

Time to Listen : 2 mins

Scene: Innovation Session

Present: You, and others

Outcome: As many new ideas as you can

What’s the first thing to do?

Talk about, define and build…

A Box

And then each idea is either “inside” or “outside” the box

I was speaking at a junior school, and a young girl came up with a fantastic idea, I said:

“That is really thinking outside of the box.”

To which she replied:

“What box?”

Magic – pure magic

If you want to be truly, authentically imaginative, as you, as a team or a project, leave the box behind:

Because…who is to judge whether an idea is inside or outside “the box,” when everyone has unique definitions of “boxes?” And “a box” sets an immediate limitation (and a pointless one) and most important of all, it’s the stuff inside the box that I believe organisations need to be addressing – the basics…

However, what’s “in” or “out” doesn’t matter

What matters…is what matters

and what you are going to do about what matters – what, when and how

Boxes are for storage, for theatres and for having great fun.

Not for transforming your organisation, project, or life.

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