Action for the Month

RECRUIT people with crazy and fresh ideas. We need people who think differently from ourselves, and who do not so much think outside the box, as leave the box behind.

They can be attracted internally or externally. However, make sure that you or your leadership team do not interview them, or you will recruit more of the same types of people.

And, having recruited, when you hear about someone doing well, or when a project is delivered, go and thank the person personally. Don’t do it by email. If they are several levels below you (or above you in an upside-down structure!) a face-to-face thank you  is even more powerful.


  • Mary

    Good advice. If we were all the same then it would be a very boring world. Diverse ideas are what helps businesses thrive.

  • chris

    There aren't enough business owners saying 'well done' to their staff. It's just not something that happens. Too many 'expect' the work to be done and aren't passing on their thanks for doing well. Surely encouragement of individuals and motivational techniques are a must if businesses are to thrive. It seems obvious to me but then some people ae in there own little bubble and are not able to see beyond themselves.

  • mark

    I like to think differently to others. There's a real opportunity for those who speak out and are willing to be a little bit different from the others. Companies like that otherwise we might all as well be clones.

  • chris

    Like I say, there aren't enough business owners prepared to say thanks, which is hard to take.

  • mark

    They are even less likely to say thanks when you've made a mistake. The key is to make yourself indispensable at work. That way you can command a bterre salary and look to get offered more as you have more to offer the company.

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