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BUSINESS is not just about making money, it is about delighting your customers. making money is the by-product. And you will delight your customers by following through and delivering on what you promise.

So, this month, and always, follow through and deliver on your promise. Be seen to deliver your agreement. And if something goes wrong, make it right, and then more than right.

Every customer-supplier dispute, the loss of a customer, a fall-out with a client, a decision by a potential customer not to come to you – they all come down to one thing. An actual, or perceived (same thing), broken promise.

Make sure you deliver and follow through on your deals, your agreements and your promises – always.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • mary

    Most people are in it for the money and this is a sobering thought. Without customers we are nothing. So it is good to get a perspective on things and to realise that yes, customers are everything.

  • chris

    Clients and customers need to be nurtured so they keep coming back. Once you have lost a customer it is very difficult to get them back again. BA might find that out soon enough. Once customer confidence has been lost they will go off to other businesses and get their goods/services/flights elsewhere.

  • paul

    The customers need to be looked after to look after the money. You are only as a good as your client base as a business so as soon as someone comes in and does what you do better, that's a dangerous thing so you have to make sure the clients are first, then the money comes in. Those who focus on money aren't sensible.

  • mary

    Just why we have to be good with customers was highlighted on the Junior Apprentice show. A few of the comments/feedback from the businesses about the individuals was not great and it is unlikely that in a real scenario those businesses would be interested in doing a deal.You have to get on with people and show an interesting in them, their needs, what they want, how they want it, and that sort of thing otherwise you are doomed.Of course money is a feature of business but if you don't keep an eye on what you are dealing with the money could soon dry up.One of the girls on the Apprentice had to try and woo an artist and went there without showing any interest in the artist or his work. It was embarrassing to watch. Makes good tele though!

  • Mark

    Finding customers is one thing. Looking after them is another altogether. You have to make sure you are always producing what they want and these days they have the upper hand and the phrase, the customer is always right couldn't be more apt.

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