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MOST organisations recruit on the basis of ‘hard skills’: measurable, technical, learnable skills. Invariably employees leave, or are made redundant, or fired, on the grounds of so-called ‘softer’ skills – their personality or attitude. How can we change this situation?

Simple: Reverse it. Next time you recruit someone into your organisation, do so first and foremost on the basis of their passion. Ask different questions, invite new levels of opinion and openness, always asking yourself this simple question: does this person have the attitude, the personality and the energy, to help us, and for us to help them, succeed?

Celebrate passion, help cultivate passion and live your own life with passion.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire).


  • Chris Everton

    There are certain rules and regs about recruiting and I would say that looking for someone's passion is pretty innovative.Having the right qualifications isn't necessarily the right way to go if their eyes and dead and theirs nothing at home.I agree. Go for the ones that look like they really want it. I suppose if Fabio Capello had only recruited on that basis it would have been a completely different 23 players.

  • Paul Charlton

    Passion is a great quality. I have often looked at the quality of an individual and their strengths as a person in terms of qualification but to see the hunger in their eyes is something else and much more rewarding.I would like to think I have gone with a gut feeling before and not just with the person who was best qualified. It's about how they approach the interview and what they can offer me in terms of their enthusiasm for the role they are about to take on.That's what makes the job so much more fascinating for me. To see someone they want out of a shortlist of six even when that individual might not be the best candidate in other areas.

  • Mary Hull

    I love to see passion in the people I associate with. There is nothing more motivating than working and being with people of a simliar passion for what you as an individual, or company, are trying to achieve. I love to see it and share in that passion.

  • J Jewiss

    My philosophy is to hire personality and teach skills!

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