Action For The Week

REINVENT your organisation. Replace change programmes with choice programmes. This week, ask three people in your company to come up with up to three specific ideas each that would transform the company. Ensure a culture where imaginations and innovations thrive. Make a difference. Do it now.


  • Paul Charlton

    I like to have choice in my orgainsation. Change is okay but not necessarily for the sake of change. Choice is the way forward and more fulfilling.

  • Michael

    Choice over change is the best way of getting people to contribute to the changes, rather than them being enforced. that way, people get the chance to have a say which is what a company should be all about, communicating with one another.

  • Chris Everton

    I tried this and was very successful with it.Engaging your staff in such a way makes them feel worthwhile and that they are contributing in a big way. That is a great feeling as a boss because you want them to feel appreciated.

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