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WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths. Hold a meeting and, as a team, agree that no one will ever say anything behind each other’s backs which they would not say to their faces.

This is a given, and must be accepted on an emotional level. If everyone simply nods, they will not do it. If anyone suggests they are already doing this, just ask them if there is anyone in the team that they do not particularly ‘get on with’. If they say ‘Yes’, ask them what happened when they shared that with that person, in private. People must buy into this at an emotional level. Everyone must buy into it.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Paul Charlton

    It's great to air differences and get them out in the open. That way you can move on and get on with the task in hand.Otherwise, you are in a situation where you hold grievances against people and actually, you need to rid yourself of those and get on as a team and work together.

  • Chris Everton

    We do this a lot at our work. And it works!

  • Mark

    There is a culture at my work of back stabbing and recently it has come to a head with meeting after meeting to express views and to get it out into the open.There is nothing more liberating that actually speaking to people about what it is that upsets them and confronting individuals who are undermining your work or confidence.You have to get these things out in the open to move on. And slowly it is working.

  • Mary Hull

    We had a meeting like this where everybody simply nodded.It meant nothing.I shall take them this message!

  • Mary Hull

    PS. I should add it wasn't a business meeting, I don't have a place of work to go to, but it was an important one nonetheless. Let's just say that the air wasn't cleared.

  • Chris Everton

    As I said, it works at our office.Nobody has an agenda of their own.We all get on and we uncover any grievances before they are able to rise to the surface and manifest themselves in individuals.

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