Action For The Week

DO your customers let you know what they want? Do they give you feedback? If not, go and ask them. Make it easy for them to approach you with their requests/feedback.

Ask them how do they rate your customer service and what their expectations are of you? Ensure your complaints procedure is monitored so you know how many you receive and how quickly/effeciently they are dealt with. Turn customers who might have complained into loyal customers.


  • George

    This can lead to complications. What if they tell you straight that they don't like what it is you are doing. Then you could lose a customer.On Duncan Bannatyne's seaside special he invited customers to have their say on the businesses that he was trying to help and some of the views were very forthcoming. In that respect it can be a difficult time if you invite criticism.

  • Chris

    I designed a feedback form of this kind once.And it worked.It really helped staff to to get to know customers and that relationship is really what business is all about.

  • Chris

    Surely if you are inviting criticism that's a good thing as you can then put things right that are wrong. Otherwise you are sticking your head in the sand and your business is going nowhere. We should all strive to improve.

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