Action For The Week

MAKE sure you know your unique selling point, be it yourself as an individual, or your company.

Really understand it and make sure you tell the world about it in any proposition. People need to know the benefits so make sure you explain, clearly and consisely, just what it is that makes you, or your company, unique. Finally, make it simple and easy to understand. It could be the difference between a sale, or not.


  • Mark Hammer

    A USP can be the game breaker in selling.I guess that without one, there isn't really as business and it would lend itself to copycat products being made.I always make sure I am fully aware of the USP and its benefits and most people I sell to are bowled over by what the product can do for them. It has to be a good product though and one you believe in.

  • Chris

    Without a USP there is little you have to separate you from the opposition. So you need to know it inside and out. Without it a company is worth existing.

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