Action For The Week

EVERY day we hypnotize ourselves to only see the ordinary. We live in homes we think we know so well. We travel on journeys that become all too familiar. And we meet the same type of people each and every day…or do we?

All we have to do is look around – really look, and we see something new. Take a walk in your garden, feel the texture of the wall at home, look around you on that daily journey to work, and as you see someone, say a silent thank you to them for being unique – totally and absolutely unique…just like everyone else.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Paul Charlton

    I shall do that on the way to work tomorrow. I love to embrace life and hope to do that in a way that enriches life too.

  • Mary Hull

    I have been into my garden today and stood in wonder at the snow and the beauty of the place when it looks snow white. Sometimes, I look at a building and realise that I have been walking past it for years and not really noticed it. I will try and take a lot more in from now on. We should savour what we have and not take it for granted.

  • Pauline Alderson

    The book helps you to revisit who you are and what is around you. The ability to look at your world with the same eyes in a different ways makes everything clearer. Making the time to make this happen will help you to feel great.

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