Action For The Week

CHOOSE your thoughts with care, and choose your beliefs with great care, because they dictate your frame of mind to take action, or inaction.

Every day this week, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Surround yourself with positive people (that’s people who think constructively, not destructively).

Surround yourself with negative, energy drainers, and you will get very tired, grow very cynical, and life will be sour. Surround yourself with positive, energy givers, and you will get energized, grow very positive, and life will be a choice.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Chris Everton

    Positivity is the word I like to use and surround myself with.Negativity is a drag and I agree, it's soul-destroying.

  • Mark Hammer

    I was once in a job where negative people tried to sabotage the place.
    It was debilitating and harmful to the business.
    Thankfully I made a career move and now there is a positive air in the workplace and things are much better.
    Surely, happy people are more productive and likely to complete their tasks more effectively.

  • Mary Hull

    Negativity is such a waste of someone’s time. Why not look at the world in a way that helps you and others. To look ahead, with a smile, and optimism?
    I don’t like people who are negative. If I ever meet people like that I try and make sure it’s only the once.

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