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IF you would like to connect with children, pass on your experience and help large numbers, one of the most effective ways is to speak at a school.

Most schools in our area will welcome an external speaker such as yourself. It’s usually easy to find a slot, then the challenge comes when you actually speak because children are by far the most open, honest and demanding of audiences. By far!

That should excite, rather than concern you. And providing you do just one thing, you will go down well. Leave the Powerpoint and the photos of your last safari at home, and simply, be yourself. Of course, plan and prepare. Involve them in activities and make it interactive. Just whatever you do, be yourself.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • Children are a source of wonderment and they never cease to amaze in their questions to adults at those sorts of occasions that really put on the spot.
    It is a great way to learn though in the art of thinking on your feet!

  • clivebarrett

    Talking of connecting with children, I have uploaded an article from last year about kids being different. It doesn’t hurt to see it again, while others may have missed it first time around.

  • Thanks Clive, have viewed the article. It looks great. Some of the things advocated by Alan are truly inspirational. A lot of good sense stuff that I will try and adopt.

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