Action For The Week

BE generous with your time and knowledge and make helping others a regular ‘habit’ that reaps benefits for both helper and the helped. Be a vibrant part of the entrepreneurial community network and really make a difference, today.


  • I am back at work on Tuesday and will aim to do just that.
    It’s easy to ignore others. far better to take on board what others have to say and that way it becomes easier to embrace other methods and ways of working when others have an input.

  • I did give someone my time today and I felt so good doing it, knowing that I was challenging myself to do something and making a real effort. It worked. I shall do this again for the benefit of others, as well as myself.

  • Easier said than done, giving time. I like a challenge too and will try and be more accommodating with my time even if its just for 5 minutes each day.

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