Action For The Week

BY helping just one other person, you change their world, for good. By asking them to help others, you change someone else’s world, as well. It feels great to help others – we feel a better and braver person. The more you give to others the more you receive in return. So here’s the challenge. Change someone’s world this week.


  • I wanted to help someone this year. I decided instead to help a group/organisation which is dear to my heart.
    I donated to a hospice, mainly because my mother died in one and I have always had the highest regard for the staff at these places who get used to death and all that it entails.
    It can’t be much fun and yet they conduct themselves so well in the face of adversity. They put on a brave and professional face for the families and just to help one nurse in a place such as that is worthwhile and will make me feel much better about myself.

  • That’s a noble thing to do.
    I too give donations. It makes me feel better.

  • It’s nice to help, even if it’s giving money to a relative at Xmas. The face lights up and it give you a feelgood feeling.

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