Action For The Week

RECONNECT with someone, simply for a catch-up, or with a loved one you may have lost touch with. You may regret not doing so in the future, no matter how easy the excuses are for putting it off.

Be true to yourself and make the first move. Decide, right now, in the back of your mind, who you would like to reconnect with. Do it now.

Write an email, or phone, or write a letter. You may feel you haven’t got the time. So make time. Then, what’s stopping you?

(Based on an extract from The Naked Coach)


  • This is so important. To make contact with friends you think you don’t have time for anymore.
    It’s sad that you spend a lot of time with someone and then you don’t spend any time at all with that person. Like at work for instance before one of you leaves and you are left with making friends with others while ignoring the friendship with the person who is left.
    It’s called life I guess. We don’t have time. We’re all too busy. Sometimes, though, you have to make time.

  • You have given me the inspiration to call an old friend who I was only thinking about the other day.
    I think I’ll email first of all and then ring. It’s always important to remember that people matter most in this life.

  • That’s great Marcus. Glad to be of help! Good luck.

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