Action For The Week

YOU might have to address a gathering this week. Remember that world class speakers are interactive. As a good speaker you will already have a rapport with your audience. Never use notes. Just tell stories and listen to the feedback. And learn from it.

Now, to be world class, add that you will:

1. Be in demand across the world.

2. Take interaction to a completely new level.

3. Be obsessive in your preparations.

4. Treat everyone with courtesy, respect and warmth.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Good post. I am speaking to a group this week and intend to be good at it. I guess the message of practicing hard is the main one I take on board. I feel the more I do that the more accomplished I become. It’s like a bridegroom’s speech or best man. They tell me that when they are waiting to speak it is the worst time. Once they are up they ad lib and all goes well. That’s the way to approach things.

  • Practice has always been the way for me when I’m speaking to clients. You can never really practice enough and it does get easier on the nerves side of things. You end up not feeling apprehensive in the end. You just enjoy it.

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