Action For The Week

MAKE sure you pay attention to relationship marketing. Rather than spend time and money on acquiring new customers, make sure you focus on retaining existing ones. Remember, it costs less to retain a customer than it does to attract a new one. This week, don’t allow a customer walk away as it might prove expensive to get them back.


  • I agree, it is so important to keep your customers. It can be a bind winning them back once you have lost them as I have found to my cost.

  • In banking we always have an ongoing customer awareness campaign on the go. keeping them is everything. And if you are thinking of changing your mobile phone, then haggle for the best deal. If you are with a company, they will want to keep you. Try and and get an upgrade on this basis. It will work.

  • There are many examples of losing customers and not getting them back again. Once the plundering begins, as other companies step into take what you’ve held dear, there is no going back.

  • Staff are important too. If they provide the good service then there is no way that the customer is going to become disaffected.
    A combination of quality customer service and satisfied customers is the key.

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