Action For The Week

THE future must be different, and it can be, from this moment on. Wherever you are reading this, on a train, at home or on holiday, stop reading right now, and check the time, and date. For if you so choose, your life will change forever, right now.

Okay, now resolve that you will become a 21st century leader, that you will lead your team and family into times of greater success and fulfilment, and you will play a huge part in helping your organisation leap forward to a new tomorrow. And you will start this now.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • This is what i did a few years back. I looked at my situation, wasn’t exactly happy with it and decided enough was enough.

    So I changed my life for the better and don’t ever regret it. Now I am happy in the knowledge that I did what I did for the benefit of my long-term happiness.

    Sometimes you have to reflect on the longer game and make sure you have long-term happiness and fulfillment as a goal. I was prompted to do so by a friend and never looked back.

  • I have often wondered about following another path. I have tried to get a new career path underway. Although I guess there’s a difference between trying and doing. They are so different. Having the will to change is the first thing. Getting up and doing it is another.

  • Changing what you do for a living when you have become entrenched in something, is not that easy.
    Having the salary to go with the job you crave is not always a possibility. So you have to be sensible about things and hope that you can make a differencfe to your life while still being able to pay the mortgage!

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