Action For The Week

INSIDE your team, debate, discuss and decide – then go forward with one voice. Providing everyone has had a chance to have their say, and been genuinely listened to, they will go forward with you. ‘One team – one vision’.

This does not mean you are ‘against’ other teams (we can all be in more than one team). It does mean that we unite behind a common purpose. And we never, ever run down another member of our team, except in private, with that person.

You can move forward in your organisation, as one voice, today.

(Extract from The Naked Leader).


  • Teams are so important. If you are not able to move in one direction there are all sorts of potential problems later.
    That’s what I like about the Naked Leader. It encourages people to talk within organisations and air grievances so that a common goal is shared.

  • We don’t have enough of that in our organisation. There are too many factions looking after themselves. I agree it would be great for all to become one voice but in my opinion it’s rare in a lot of companies from what I’ve heard.

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