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IF you have been unfortunate enough to have been made redundant, turn it in to one of the most powerful ‘positive’ moments in your life.

There is nothing quite like your income stream drying up to force you to go and earn money. And you can achieve extraordinary things when this happens.

Analyse what you really want from your working life and environment. Involve your whole family in your decision, although don’t let them make your decision for you. Think it through and prepare to make the change.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • I know a few friends who have done just that. Made a positive out of a huge negative. It has worked for them. And I’m sure it can work for others with the same mindset.

  • There are always positives to come out of redundancy.
    A former colleague was made redundant and managed to get a similar job within a month of it happening. So she picked up the big cheque as well as the job. Win, win.
    This can happen although there are plenty of opportunities to start off on your own if it happens to you.
    I made the decision to walk away from a potentially threatened job and made sure I started my planning early. Now I have no regrets.

  • Redundancy can be a whole new beginning. Being made redundant and then using the money for business purposes can kick-start a new life. I know people who have done it. And it works.

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