Action For The Week

CHANGE the way you talk to yourself. Many people believe the happiness in your life comes down to how you communicate with yourself – your internal dialogue.

Think of phrases you enjoy hearing and repeat them silently to yourself throughout the day. No one else need know you are doing this, except you will have a huge, knowing grin, and feel fantastic.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • When I’m driving to wherever it is I want to go I talk to myself. It doesn’t seem so bad these days because everyone is on a hands free so we all look like we are talking to ourselves!

  • I like talking to myself. It’s ood therapy. And changing the way I do it will be something I will concentrate on. To see whether it works.

  • Talking to yourself in a positive way does help. You only have to look at the golfers on the tour in the big tournaments. Tiger Woods will never give a negative interview, he will always tell his unconscious mind what he wants it to hear. That way he ‘just does’ what he has to do without thinking and it all comes together. Think I read that someone on this site, an extract from a book?

  • I think we all talk to ourselves a bit more as life gets busier.
    Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and reflect. That’s when the real talking can be done.

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