Action For The Week

NO event has any meaning other than the meaning we choose to give it. As that phrase gives you complete command over what is happening around you, shift your consciousness today and amazing things will begin to happen.

You will look for the positives in events and notice the energies in each other, while seeing the wonders around you. It will make your life, your futute, your choice. And will have a life-transforming effect.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • I often give a different meaning to something or other and my wife normally objects as she has given it another meaning altogether! I find it helps to give the same meaning to things where she is concerned.

  • Meanings can be interpreted differently by different people but the point is that you can interpret them positively so you feel better about them.
    That is the great point being made. Something might seem as though it’s one thing but you can make it in to quite another. That way things don’t feel quite so bad.

  • Some times this can be a great help. If something bad happens it is not easy to put a positive slant on it, although if you can, it helps to be able to deal with that situation.

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