Action For The Week

HAVE an idea or a dream. Now, ask yourself, what will the exact results be when you have achieved your dream?

Be as clear and certain as you can – there is no room for ambiguity here. If it is a promotion, write down the new job title and your new responsibilities. If your dream is ‘to be rich’ write down how much you will have in your account, by when.

(Extract from, The Naked Coach)


  • I think it’s good to have a goal in life, something you can aspire to. Whether it’s something you can achieve easily is another issue.
    You have to push yourself in my opinion. I try to give myself challenges, little goals that are achievable providing I am prepared to push the boat out.
    I guess I’m not someone out for an easy life.

  • Pushing yourself to a limit is okay but you also have to try and be content with your life.
    my father spent his whole life pushing for more, wanting to make the best of himself and he didn’t really appreciate what he had so he could enjoy it.
    There’s a balance to be had.

  • Dreams can be in many forms and don’t always come tru.
    I think achievable aims are better than dreams.
    Dream are not likely to happen whereas aims can.

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