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CONNECT, really listen to a senior member of your family. This person may well seem a stranger to you, outside of Christmas, family gatherings, and of course, their funeral, when you will have lost your chance.

Do it without judgement, and show genuine care and warmth in what they are saying – they will have wonderful stories to tell and stories are there to be listened to. Never underestimate the impact that half an hour can have like this.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • I intend to do this at Christmas time.
    Speaking to your family isn’t something that can happen just like that as there are barriers in many cases and it’s juts not feasible.
    There are times when I wish i had the time to sit and chat but there are tasks to be done and work to be getting on with. It’s just not that easy.

  • You have to make the effort sometimes no matter how much you don’t want to do something.
    Of course there are family issues although it isn’t really good enough for someone to say they are too busy to talk to a member of the family.

  • Some family aren’t worth speaking to! Others I like but politics play a big part in family life these days. It’s not always that easy just to talk to someone.

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