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REWARD people through 360-degree appraisals (by your boss, peers, self and team) and self-determined salary increases, in which teams decide how much they should receive individually.

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • Rewarding people like that is a great idea although not one that our company subscribes to. if only!

  • In some cases there are no appraisals, just an excuse for one to tick the box on the legal front.
    it’s ridiculous how some people really don’t care how their workforce are doing. They just pass comment every 12 months because they have to.

  • Appraisals can mean something although they generally mean nothing.
    they are a requirement, nothing more. There are people who complete them that have no natural progression in the company so there is no chance of promotion. They still have to fill them in! Why?

  • 360 degrees…sounds great, although whether that would work in practice is another matter. Too many people involved in the process is a problem.
    Cut the numbers down and it can work a whole lot better.

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