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IF you are implementing major changes, ensure you sell those alterations to your team. Show them, by your example, that you’re committed to putting those new ideas into practice and make sure you give your staff the guidance and support they need.


  • My team always get to know something that I am about to do. And they generally approve. getting them on your side is all part of the team building so that when something happens like introducing something new, they are already with you.

  • Explaining to your team is one thing, in my experience, getting them to back you is another.
    You have to be believe in what you are selling. and then they may well believe in you. It’s not always a given just because they are part of the team.

  • Your team should back you or you should change the leadership.
    The Apprentice is a good gauge of being a leader and seeing whether the applicants can get backing from the team.
    Even in an individual event as that is, it is possible to achieve.

  • Leaders should receive the backing of staff but that is not always the case.
    They should lead by example and then the staff will follow.
    There are several instances I have known where the staff have blindly followed a leader simply because of who they were, not necessarily because of what they were trying to implement.

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