Is Your Proposition a Killer One?

MAKE your big idea a killer proposition.

Write it out, in language a 10-year-old would understand. Explain the pain (problems overcome) and pleasure (benefits) which will come from your big idea.

Combine the two, ie, it needs to appeal to a problem being solved and an opportunity being achieved.

Then, the killer part, add the consequences of not doing something about the problem, so you end up with a three-part killer proposition.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Chris

    I have the idea for a book and often wonder what it is I have to do to make it work. They say we all have a book in us and this has given me the idea to see it through.Reading the Millionaire book at the moment and it's eye-opening stuff. Well done David.

  • Mary Hull

    If you have the idea for it you should go for it. I recommended The Naked Millionaire book to friends and some are reading it. It's excellent and an inspiration.

  • Dean

    I like the idea of getting a big idea and following it through in such a way. I've always given it some thought and will continue to do that.

  • Mary Hull

    Go with your thoughts Dean. I became a freelance writer and there is money to be made from it. Make sure you believe in yourself enough to carry it through.

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