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DELEGATE. It enables you to make full use of the resources you have available. It also helps your team gain vital new experience to aid longevity of the business, helping it grow and develop.


  • Those who don’t delegate are not really trusting of their staff.
    And they will suffer burn out as they shoulder responsibility they can surely give to others.

  • Delegation is all very well provided you have the right person to delegate too. If they are not able to perform the work then you are in trouble.
    You have to show trust in that person and sometimes when it’s your business it’s not always easy to do that.

  • You have to be able to delegate. it is a skill in itself. If you can’t go away and take a holiday for instance then you are missing out on life.
    So you have to break away from the business as best you can. Let someone else do it. For your sanity if nothing else.

  • Delegation is definitely good for the sanity.
    You have to have a break and let o. Otherwise it will kill you, no question.

  • I meant to put my post in here rather than the Naked week!

  • Everybody these days delegates. It’s something that has to be done.
    You can’t do everything yourself and neither should your employers let you. You have to share th workload and trust in those around you.

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