Action For The Week

GET a person to instantly see your side of the argument. When we are trying to persuade someone else of our opinion, this is what we normally do. We make our point, they make their point, we disagree with their point and make ours again, then they disagree with ours and make theirs again.

It would be boring if it wasn’t for the passion involved although it is very draining for both parties. If you decide to break out of this cycle in future, this week perhaps, there is a phrase that will ensure they see your point of view. And it is…’I’m sorry (name), you’re completely right.’

The first thing the other person will say (after a pause and providing you have said this with genuine feeling) will be something like: ‘No, no, I can see your point as well.’Something you have been trying to persuade them of all along…

(Extract from The Naked Leader)


  • Maureen

    I will try that.
    It sounds great.
    In fact I think that’s happened to me before although i can’t remember how it went.
    It’s a trait of human nature to work like that!

  • Paul Charlton

    I have tried it and it works!
    Suddenly the mellow part of the human nature kicks in and it all happens as per the above.
    It really does work.

  • Neil C

    It doesn’t work.
    Oh yes it does.
    Oh no it doesn’t.
    Actually it does work.
    Well, thinking about it, I think I am completely wrong, it DOES work.
    Well, perhaps you weren’t wrong altogether. I can foresee instances when it might not work….

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