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IT’S an open and shut case. In the early stages of a business relationship, ask open questions.

These are questions that make the other person give you an answer – and, more crucially, information which you can use at a later date.

Ask them ‘how’, or ‘why’ or ‘when’ or ‘what’ and make them tell you about themselves. This can be used later in sales negotiations and be an enormous benefit to you. Why not do it today?


  • Chris Everton

    Questions can often get in the way of relationships…unless the right ones are asked. I don't think you should ever ask too many otherwise you may be rumbled and they may think you are being a little pushy in trying to glean the information.

  • Rachel

    One of the fundamental rules of selling. Never ask 'Can' 'Will' or 'Are' as you will invariably get a 'no.'That's the way life is in sales.

  • Mark

    We used to have a guy in our company who would go up to the counter to greet a customer with the words, who, why, what, when and how? These were the open words he was supposed to be using but I don't think the company wanted him to fire the words one after the other to bamboozle the customer!He didn't last long in the job. To his credit, he did know what words to start off an open question.

  • Paul Charlton

    Getting the information by asking those sorts of questions is easy.We have that policy in our sales team. It's very important to know how to sell and what to ask otherwise you have little chance of success in making that sale.

  • Mary Hull

    Questions can help and they can be a hindrance too. You might get an answer you don't want. That's the worry of asking the wrong type of question.If you ask a closed question and get a no answer you have to ask yourself whether it would have been no anyway even if you had asked it in an open way. The end result is the same.

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