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HAVE you got lovely features? Of course you have. Let me rephrase that. Has your product got lovely features?

If so, your customer won’t be interested in them. You don’t need to explain what colour your product is. Your clients will want to know the benefits they can glean from it. So, in a clear, consise way, tell them all about the benefits, not the features. Show them how they can save money, improve efficiency, or add value to their business by using your product. By all means mention the features. However, more importantly, sell the benefits.


  • Chris

    Sales people are often wrong in selling the idea without getting to what the idea can do for someone.I have first-hand experience of that. Better to go into a sales meeting knowing what it is you have to get across, then deliver.

  • Mary Hull

    As a woman I would love people to think they liked my features!The benefits of the product are everything.I write for a living and strive to do my best in whatever proposition I'm given.

  • Mark Hammer

    I've always sold the benefits. It's the only way to go. I like to say a few things about the product but unless a client actually knows what it is the product will do for them it's not worth a jot to that company.Once I've sold the product I continue to be available for questions too. You have to have an open relationship with that customer.

  • Paul Charlton

    I love the Dragon's Den scenes where the entrepreneur is trying to get across the benefits of their product and it just isn't working.The blank looks and the shaking of heads among the dragons is the best bit.It's great television and I love the concept.Those who have great products aren't necessarily the people who walk off with an investment.Remember, you have to sell yourself and demonstrate you have what it takes in terms of financial acumen too, otherwise they don't want to know.So, yes the product is important, and the benefits. Don't forget to sell yourself too, though.

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