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IS there conflict in your team? If so, make sure you don’t ignore it. Whether it be a difference of opinion in the way the team operates or a personality clash, a team leader needs to get on top of the problem and discuss it openly with the group. Uncomfortable though it may be at first, the long-term gain is that the unit will be stronger and have a better chance of achieving its objectives.


  • I was in a workplace where there was unrest and it id not good for business at all.
    It can fester and get worse over time. It has to be dealt with and brought into the open.
    Then the problems that might occur long term are far reduced.

  • I agree that there has to be a resolution to trouble in the workplace when it crops up.
    Speaking about things is the key. You have to discuss openly with people and that way the matter can be aired and addressed.
    Otherwise, it’s trouble.

  • People who cause the problems are the insecure ones. They can’t handle change and re-structure and so they lash out in some cases and it’s not healthy for the team.
    I agree, it needs to be nipped in the bud.

  • Agnes van Ommen

    I don’t agree with the statement that its just people who are insecure and dislike change that cause problems. Its those with lack of awareness of their behaviour, people around them and the impact of their behaviour.

    Its about understanding that a team consists of a group of individuals who need, and hopefully want, to work together. If there is friction, then try and understand the differences, discuss and the use and celebrate these differences.
    If there are members of the team who don’t want to participate for the greatre good of the team then its time for an open conversation about what’s best for them and the team.

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