Action Stations

THE doing, not the thinking. At Naked Leader, it is the taking action that counts.

The ideal entrepreneur is someone who shares the best qualities from like-minded people. The ability to focus on what is important, is key.

Keep in your mind what your business does, what excites you most about it and what you want out of it. Or write it on a piece of paper and refer to it often to ensure you make the decisions which need to be made.

The ability to sell is important, as is making sure you are selling to the right people, those you have identified as needing your product. It is important also to ensure you speak to a person who has the power in the company you are selling to, to say ‘yes’.

Having the capacity to inspire is crucial too – being able to share your vision for your business to employees, who in turn can pass on that inspiration in the work they do, making them as confident in your business as you are.

So, know your product and ethos, inside out, be positive and show desire.

Manage people well, set achievable targets, manage deadlines, and delegate, leaving people to get on with what you pay them for.

Identify and maximise the building blocks of success that are all around you, and within you, to be the best entrepreneur you can be.

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