Add this to your To Do List…

Time to Read: After you have done something more useful.

Time to Listen: Ditto. 

Add this to your To Do List…

Stop doing it!

Yes, I know that at Naked Leader we love Just Do It!

However, that comes after Know where you want to Go, where you are Now and Know what you have to Do to get to where you want to Go.

Then, and only then, Do It!

I am going to share a rather obvious secret with you, right now – please, huddle up.

Huddle Up!!

Thank you.

We are all far too busy.

Especially in our organisations – Business is now spelled Busyness.

And the main reason for this is that when new projects, ideas and activities come along, we don’t stop doing any of the existing stuff – it all just piles up on top of each other into a massive heap of complexity, confusion and stress.

If this applies in your team, project or organisation, this is what to do. First, take a deep breath – you are going to need all the oxygen you can get:

In your company, 80% of your benefits will come from 20% of your “activity.” Identify key and surplus activities by asking people on the front line, listening to your customers and bringing herds of elephants into the room. Once you know the 20%, that’s where to focus 80% of your skills, resource and energy. (Thank you Pareto).  

And, whenever a new initiative / way of doing something / the next big thing etc. comes along be the one who asks “what will we stop doing, in favour of this?”

We are human beings that have become human doings, and every evening many of us stay late to tick more and more items off our to-do list.

We call it being a hero, if we were still at school we would call it being in detention.

Yes, in Naked Leader we shout it from the rooftops – “DO IT!”

Just, not all of it.

So, what are you going to stop doing, today?

Please tell us below…

With my love and best wishes

David X

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