Adults need to know…

…where they stand.

Time to Read – 84 seconds (or thereabouts)

Yes yes yes, children need to know where they stand, and so do we grown-ups.

So, please be clear, concise and compelling in all of your communications.

Clear – make sure that what you mean to say, has been understood.

Concise – never use fifty words, when five will do (I will take that advice on board).

Compelling – word/text/email your message so that it is interesting to the recipient(s).

This takes great skill and practice – as even very short phrases can be open to misinterpretation:

I didn’t say she stole the money

Read those seven words over a few times, each time placing an emphasis on a different word, and you will end up with multiple meanings. Understand that any email or written communication is open to this wide range of interpretations depending on the perspective of the recipient.

The effectiveness of every communication is whether it is understood in the way it was intended, especially during these tough times of redundancies, reorganisations and ever increasing workload and pressure.

With my love to you all

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