All I Ask is This…

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A level playing field

I believe that everything you need, to achieve anything you want, you already have within you.

There is nothing “wrong” with you.

Am I “right”?

Of course I am!

I can and do show and share thousands of examples of people, teams and organisations who have achieved amazing things – astounding results – astonishing achievements.


I often meet people who believe the complete and total opposite.  They believe that, in simple terms, you can’t achieve anything you want, with the strengths, talent and passion that you already have within you.

There is something “wrong” with you – indeed, there may be many things “wrong” with you.

Are they “right”?

Of course they are!

They will be the first to show and share thousands of examples of people, teams and organisations who have not achieved amazing things – have suffered astounding failures and astonishing levels of non-achievement.

All I ask is this:

For any outcome you want to achieve, for any decision you are about to make and any action you about to take, I want you to believe that you can’t – you can’t achieve that outcome, can’t make that decision and can’t take that action.

As long as you also believe, with equal energy, belief and faith, that you can.

A level playing field makes your future – your choice.

And no-one else’s.

What do you believe? Tell me in the comments below.

With my love and best wishes


PS Time to Watch some very Famous Failures: 2 minute 58 seconds


  • Pauline

    Two weeks ago, we had been led to believe that our group of 14 would not be able to continue up the face of Kilimanjaro – the rainy season had arrived 6 weeks early and on night three (of four) on the way up, we woke in our tents to find we had to dig our way out of the snow.

    Six hours of walking to summit camp, I had reconciled the fact that we were not going to make it, and was starting to justify the trip, the weather and the circumstances but we went to bed early on the off chance that something would go our way.

    At 11pm, we got up and braved the ice and snow and thanks to our perseverance, stamina and great guides, 8 of the 14 made it to the summit to watch sunrise. A huge mental challenge as well as physical.

    It’s fair to say that two weeks ago I did not believe just as much as I wanted to believe, but we did it, despite the odds. So when I am at work, not confident that I am going to make something happen, I’ll have a go anyway from now on – there are plenty more summits to climb!

  • David Taylor

    WOW – What a story Pauline and thank you for sharing it David x

  • Christian Moss

    People who say they can’t just don’t try.
    Those who try and fail, aren’t trying hard enough.
    If you want to do something badly enough, you will do it.
    Forget trying, just do.

  • Frances Granger

    Yes, you need perseverance and strength of will to do something. I agree, anything is possible.

  • Darren Roach

    I always thought there was something wrong with me as i was always second best.
    That was until i decided I didn’t want to be anything less than the best. So I changed my approach to life, tweaked it slightly, so that I made more of an effort to achieve.
    Actually, I still come second best, even third and fourth in some areas.
    The difference?
    I now give everything I have to making it work. I give my all to be the best. And if I fail? Then at least I know I am being the best I can be.
    I don’t really call that failure actually. It’s just being me and if that isn’t good enough then so be it!

  • Naked Leader

    Reply received by email:
    These little nuggets really are excellent. Congratulations.

    I hope you are well.


  • Francis Greve

    That is a good philosophy. Just be the best you can be. Like it.


    You have to try your hardest, nobody can ask any more than that.

  • Anita Raymond

    Agree with most of these comments.
    To achieve something you have to put yourself out and make it work.
    You can’t expect success to come to you, you have to go out there and achieve it and make it happen.
    If you try and fail at least you have tried.

  • Boris Cahn

    Any good at helping England out with penalties, David?

  • Sally Hill

    Pauline’s comment was inspirational.

  • Thomas Frith

    I agree, that must have been amazing experience to have persevered in such a way and achieved that.
    Wonderful story!

  • Ryan Norris

    Yep, the Pauline story does it for me too. Shows just what can be achieved with a determined attitude.

  • Liam Roake

    Things have only ever been achieved my determined people.
    It’s the fact they are made that way that makes them want and need to achieve.
    They are doers, not thinkers.

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